Right now the streets of London are full of bemused-looking individuals, standing on street corners, staring at their phones and occasionally uttering a whoop of delight.  It’s not an alien invasion, these highly motivated people are simply playing Pokemon Go. 

This new gaming craze works by superimposing Pokemon’s virtual characters onto the real surroundings captured by a mobile phone camera.  Players can “catch” monsters in physical places known as Pokestops, which can be anywhere from a local church or pub to the street where you live.

The craze is so popular that Londoner Sam Clark, aged 32, shed a massive two stone in weight, walking 225km in search of the 142 different Pokemon species available in the UK. 

According to a chart put together by fans, two of the hardest finds in Pokemon Go are monsters named “Mew” and “Mewtoo”.  Lurot Brand is an estate agency that specialises in exclusive London mews properties, so as we show prospective buyers and tenants around, we’ll be keeping our eyes open for Pokemon Go fans who may have taken the name of the street a little too literally ....

Call us today.  We can’t find you a Mew or a Mewtoo but we can promise to show you some game-changing mews properties for sale or rent.