The UK property market is currently busy looking introspectively when it comes to demand, values and direction, so it's refreshing to see some analysis from outside of our shores.

For those pondering the future of London, there is good news. The Global Property Handbook - billed as the "the first-ever attempt at putting the global real estate market into perspective" - has just been published and it names London as the most popular city for ultra-high net worth (UHNW) individuals buying property – that's those with a net worth of $30 million or more.

Just why London has taken top spot has been revealed in the Handbook's 'Alpha Cities Index', which ranks the overall attractiveness of a city for wealthy individuals when considering a luxury property purchase.

The capital's culture scene and financial security remain appealing to the global elite, and here at Lurot Brand we're sure the amazing property stock makes a hefty contribution to London's desirability too.

As London's leading estate agent specialising in mews property for sale and to rent, we know that international purchasers and tenants lap up the period properties, detailed architecture and heritage feel that can be found in the city - it's what sets London apart from many of its more developing contemporaries.

With such wonderful homes, good employment prospects and an ever-strengthening cultural backdrop, we predict London will keep its number one spot for years to come.