If you have seen the name Amazon Property crop up in the press recently, don't panic. You haven't missed an announcement by the online giant that it has crossed over into house building. Amazon Property (a multi-disciplinary investment and development group) has just opened Armitage Vaults - a new state-of-the-art £30million ultra-secure complex just to the south of Regent's Park on Bolsover Street.

The underground vaults - inspired by Fort Knox, no less - are designed to safely store everything from valuables and luxury items, such as jewellery and fine wine, to larger items including high value artworks and antiques.

The facility can also house confidential/valuable business records/products, ski/golf equipment and other personal possessions, should the owner lack space in their property.

"Armitage Vaults' Central London location is a great benefit for those living in dwellings with limited storage space, collectors of high-value items and those who simply like to rotate their artwork," comments James Robinson at Lurot Brand - estate agents specialising in the sale of mews properties in Central London. "The high security storage facility is certainly something we'll be mentioning to our clients, especially those who are looking in Park Crescent Mews, Devonshire Mews and Wimpole Mews, as the vaults are just a short stroll away."