When The Times newspaper decided to run an article on property faux pas aimed at potential sellers, it came to Lurot Brand - a specialist in the sale and let of mews properties in Central London - for some rather unusual advice.

Our General Manager, James Robinson, was quoted on the detrimental effects of 'adult fun' rooms that are left in their more 'kinky' state during house viewings. Robinson points out that conventional rooms with unusual uses are more common than you think, re-telling the tale of a multimillion pound property that sold well below its asking price due to a big, conspicuous bed in the drawing room - putting open-mouthed potential buyers off.

As well as more exotic features, the article goes on to reveal some more innocuous things that can deter purchasers and knock thousands off the price of a property.

Up there with adult playroom paraphernalia are off white kitchens, overly-large extensions, pebble dash walls, unusual layouts, ultra modern interiors and vibrant decors. Basically, anything that will date too quickly or is outside of the conventional could delay a house sale or lead to a property's devaluation. If you're thinking of selling a home you own, it's worth asking a respected estate agent for their honest advice.